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About the SDPI Community

What is the SDPI Community?

The SDPI Community applies to both for-profit enterprises (FPEs) and social and solidarity economy (SSE) entities and the aims are (i) to empower them with the SDPI Online Platform tool to meaningfully assess the extent to which their economic behaviours are well-governed and contributing to maintaining environmental and socioeconomic resources at levels required for sustainable development and (ii) to promote the use of contextualization of performance relative to environmental, socioeconomic, and institutional sustainability thresholds and norms.

Why join the SDPI Community?

By being a part of the SDPI community, you have demonstrated your commitment toward authentic sustainability, by the use of context-based indicators to respect the thresholds for the social foundations and planetary boundaries of sustainability. In addition, you benefited from being able to profile your sustainability work in our SDPI community page and strengthen your organization’s reputation.