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* The SSE encompasses enterprises, organizations and other entities (SSEOE) that are engaged in economic, social, and environmental activities to serve the collective and/or general interest, which are based on the principles of voluntary cooperation and mutual aid, democratic and/or participatory governance, autonomy and independence, and the primacy of people and social purpose over capital in the distribution and use of surpluses and/or profits as well as assets. They put into practice a set of values that are intrinsic to their functioning and consistent with care for people and the planet, equality and fairness, interdependence, self-governance, transparency and accountability, and the attainment of decent work and livelihoods. According to national circumstances, the SSE includes cooperatives, associations, mutual societies, foundations, social enterprises, self-help groups and other entities operating in accordance with the values and principles of the SSE.
* Click on this switch to activate it. Consent to store user information on the platform is mandatory: it is used to generate data visualization (graphs, tables, etc.) on the website and in PDF reports, as well as to keep track of your progress. Your data is only accessible to you and to UNRISD researchers with administrator-level access.

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